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Are you confused by your DNA results? 

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  • Understand your ethnicity results and DNA matches
  • Find more DNA matches on other sites
  • Learn free ways to research your family history
  • Learn easy ways to analyze your results

This ebook is..

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  • Best if you tested with Ancestry, but helpful no matter which company you tested with (this ebook is not endorsed by, Inc) 

Your DNA contains a wealth of information - let me give you the tools to solve your own DNA mystery! I'll teach you step-by-step using simple explanations how to get the most from your DNA results.

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  Pay via PayPal - no account required. 

  Electronic download will be available immediately.

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Do You Still Have More Questions? FAQs  

Is this book available in softcover?  

No. This book is not currently available in softcover, but I am exploring the idea of publishing it in this format.  

What Format Is This Book In?  

This book is in a PDF format. You can read it with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, with Google Docs, or on your Kindle or Smart Phone.  

Can I e-mail you with questions about my own personal family tree?  

Yes! I would love to hear from my customers to see if I can help them crack their mystery.  

Do you share my personal information with anyone?  

I never share or sell your personal information with anyone, ever.  

Are there images in this book?  

Yes, there are images that will help you follow the instructions in the book.  

How many pages is this book?  

This book is 106 pages, including the table of contents and the cover page.  

I didn’t get my download – can you help me?  

Yes! If for whatever reason you can’t access your download, please send me an e-mail to mercedes @ (just remove the spaces before you send – I have to include the spaces to avoid spam). I try to respond to all messages immediately, but it could take up to 24 hours to receive a personal message from me with your download attached.